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ISO 14001

ISO 14001 is another reputed standard from the ISO family. This standard is developed to reduce the negative environmental impacts that arise due to organizational operations. The latest version published in 2015 replaced the previous standard published in 2004.

We all know that the world has become a global village. People, communities, countries are close like never before. Any industrial activities in one part of the world will have an impact on the other part and vice versa. If a manufacturing company produces harmful emissions on one continent, it will have an impact on another continent. So, countries have become more responsible now in managing their industrial activities to protect the environment.

Also, our ISO 14001 consultants are developing an effective environmental management system. Where the system will reduce the negative impacts on the external environment to keep activities within safe limits.

Especially after considering global warming, this has caused destruction in the form of floods, high temperatures, and overall climate change. Countries are considering the environmental issues more seriously. In addition, Laws/regulations are stricter now to ensure reducing the negative impacts of industrial activities.

ISO 14001 is also one of the best standards which have proven its efficiency in controlling industrial activities and making them safe in terms of the environment. The control defined by this standard covers all aspects of routine and non-routine activities which can damage the environment. When we say environment, it means we ensure that air, water, and soil will not pollute by our activities.

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