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ISO 20000

ISO 20000 was published earlier in 2005 and then revised in 2011 and 2018 respectively. This management system is designed by ISO/ICE for service management system.

ISO 20000 gives a complete framework and guidelines to manage day-to-day activities in the service sector. It provides a methodology to develop effective system which shall maximize the productivity of SMS.

World is going towards digitalization very quickly. There is one sector which is on full boom and that is information technology. Furthermore, IT is that sector which has brought the world closer like never before. Companies, people are dealing with each other by sitting far away in different countries or even different continents.

IT companies, being in a rapidly growing sector, need to have an efficient management system. Companies rely heavily on their IT system because it reduces their efforts and even costs. In addition, IT has made life easier for companies and to manage their tasks, customers, and other stakeholders. So, it becomes important that IT service provider must have a strong management system.

Companies with efficient service management systems can easily grab a good market share and win the customer’s trust. Their system will me more productive and lean in terms of service management. They can serve more customers in less time with quality services.

ISO 20000 advises service providers on how to plan, how to design, how to manage and how to deliver services. Then it becomes easy for them to grow and become a reputable brand. They can win customer satisfaction at all levels. They can offer better prices with quality services which gives them a competitive edge.

ISO 20000 - Certification Road Map

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