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ISO 22000

This is one of the most acknowledged standards in the food sector. A complete management system for ensuring that the food process chain is safe from all potential or possible food safety hazards.

ISO 22000 covers both the management and technical part, where it focuses that all processes in a management system are aligned and integrated. Technically, it gives a complete system of controlling food safety hazards. This is done by applying the clause of hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP).

Its true implementation will apply control points against critical and major food safety hazards. Those control points which can create a big change in food quality in case they cross the set limits. This food safety management system not only helps manufacturing but also the service sector in the food industry.

Our food technologist will develop a customized management system. That system suits the manufacturing and catering sectors. Our consultants will train your staff on this new food safety management system so employees can easily adopt the changes.

The presence of a good food safety management system will increase brand credibility in the market. Considering food as an essential part of life. People now a days are more concerned about their food intake than before. They buy only from famous and reputed brands who maintain their good will and trust with the consumers.

Governments are making regulations for the food sector to ensure the safety of food processing chains. ISO 22000 covers the legal part as well to ensure that companies obey all the local rules and regulations.

ISO 22000 - Certification Road Map

ISO 22000