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ISO 50001

Energy management is becoming one of the top priorities for organizations. This has a direct impact on its profits and overall performance. In addition, using the best energy resources in an optimized way can bring great results.

One of the other reasons to adopt optimized energy consumption is to reduce carbon footprints. The increase in carbon is already creating devastating impacts like rise in temperature, more rains, lengthy freeze-free seasons, the retreat of glaciers, and shrinking of the arctic ice caps.

Furthermore, to reduce these impacts, international laws and regulations are getting implemented and companies who violate can face penalties. The ultimate purpose is to have a safer and more sustainable environment for our future generations.

Like other ISO standards, ISO 50001 addresses a key issue and provides a framework to organizations that want to have efficient energy consumption. Moreover, ISO 50001 also follows the high-level structure of Annex SL which gives ease to companies to adopt and merge this standard along with their other management systems.

ISO 50001 gives a complete framework to develop, implement, maintain, and continually improve an energy management system. This ISO standard also works on a similar cycle of plan, do, check, act like other management standards.

Having ISO 50001 will make it easier for companies to achieve their objectives and targets of energy performance. This will improve the company profile, credibility and better forecasting energy demands from customers and the public.

ISO 50001 - Certification Road Map

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