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ISO 55001

ISO 55001 is the standard for asset management system which optimizes the use and effectiveness of assets throughout its lifecycle. Also, ISO 55001 enables organizations to get the maximum output from an asset and through better control over day-to-day activities. Under the GMC platform.

Moreover, ISO 55001 can be applied on all types and sizes of organization and its assets to get certified. Effective implementation will reduce the overall cost of production and maximize profits. 

ISO 55001 certification will meet the legal and stakeholder’s requirements. Certification will also bring the competitive edge for the organization. Asset management is the coordinated activity of an organization to realize value from its assets.

Assets management is also important in a way as its carry’s hidden cost of asset maintenance in terms of sudden breakdowns which bring nonproductive time. Applying ISO 55001 for asset management will reduce all sudden asset breakdowns and unnecessary maintenance. 

Implementing asset management gives confidence to the stakeholders that the assets are in safe hands and are managed properly through international guidelines of asset management.

It also brings asset ownership cost minimization, maximize profitability, increase brand reputation, Manage risks of assets ownership, and support improvement and business growth.

ISO 55001 is based on the high-level structure (Annex SL) which is a common framework for all new management system standards from ISO.

ISO 55001 gives a complete framework to develop, implement, maintain, and continually improve an asset management system. This ISO standard also works on a similar cycle of plan, do, check, act like other management standards. 

ISO 55001 certification will make it easier for companies to achieve their objectives and targets of asset performance. This will improve the company profile, credibility and better performance to meet customer requirements. 

ISO 55001 - Certification Road Map

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